Starlight Love

by Horse

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released June 24, 2017

Written and Recorded by Horse



all rights reserved


Horse Houston

The Chiron Man is here to stay

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Track Name: Starlight is Never Enough
It's never enough

We'll wake in effervescent tones
And realize we're not alone
There's always hope
The stars concede and so do we
Reach out upon the open sea
We still can dream
There's always hope

It's never enough

A light we'll never understand
Where ever ocean meets the land
It's everything
Starlight betrays the depth of night
Reach out beneath the endless light
We still can dream
There's always hope
Track Name: Familiar
She spoke between the lies she told
And broke through each and every shadow
Beneath another moon where all my heartaches bloom

I watch the distances between us
We're separated like the seasons
Upon the world's end where I stand
And the waters land
I feel each broken rhythm in my hands
Still there

It's buried underneath my mind
It's buried underneath my mind
It's coming over all of the time
Track Name: Broken World
I beg for mercy, from the sun out to the moon
I'm falling under, November out to June
I lie here bleeding, and you're telling me to run
I'm out here pleading
Will you hear my calls?
I'm no one

Beyond the oceans of ourselves
An interruption of the rhythm buried in us
Split one from one and let me understand
The thoughts of happiness again

I beg release me, from the sun and from the moon
Divide my senses, pull me out above the gloom
I'm only bleeding, but you say it isn't done
I can feel it
An interruption of the cause, reverberating
I am no one

I am no one
Track Name: Kat
There's a rhythm pulsing, I can feel it in the air
But you are unaware
Resting in the bench swing on the porch beneath the sun
You shine for everyone
There's a fire burning in the sky blue of your eyes
I watch it rise

The gentle swaying of the trees
As though they'd bend upon their knees
For you

I beg to feel your glances, chasing each one by the mile
On the coastline of your smile
My heart is like a pious man who kneels in earnest prayer
It gets him nowhere

If your heart found a place for me
There's nowhere else I'd need to be
Track Name: Angel of the Air (first draft)
I'm looking to the stars again
You are the summer, I am the fall
Walk to the rhythm in us all
You only need to call
On every promise, inside us all
The morning sun is in our Hall
Waking sleepers with the tones of love
Now they come
Lay with the lion, the soul of man
And feel the world begin again

Disrobe the angels
Reveal their sin
And peer into the hearts within
In spite of all you've been
The morning shines
The heart aligns
And drifts upon a dream within
Look into the morning
And into the earth and sky
And you and I

I'll be here waiting
Where we've been
I'm looking to the stars again